Realize online business Contact Which Amazon products are you spending your money on?

Which Amazon products are you spending your money on?

CNBC Amazon is in a strong position to compete with ecommerce companies like Shopify and Zappos, which are both more established than the ecommerce giant, according to a new study from the company.

The study, by online shopping analytics firm comScore, said Amazon had surpassed Shopify in sales in the first half of this year, but was still struggling to catch up.

It said it expects the e-commerce company to beat its rivals this year.

“Amazon has built a strong reputation in the eCommerce marketplace, and we believe this new data reinforces that position,” comScore said in a statement.

Amazon had an average revenue per customer of $1,200 in the second half of the year, compared with $1.25 for Shopify.

But comScore also said that Amazon’s profit margin was much better than Shopify’s, and its margins on the likes of clothing and home goods were better than Zappo’s.

Amazon has been working on an e-shop that would compete with Zappys competitors like Nordstrom and Home Depot.

Zappomos chief executive David Hochberg told CNBC that he expects Amazon to have a competitive edge in e-retail next year.

Zapps products have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the company said in December it expected to sell an additional $4 billion in products this year alone.

The company, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, said that its average revenue for the year is $2.4 billion, down about 20 percent from the same period last year.