Realize online business Project When will Santiago’s Commerce City be ready for construction?

When will Santiago’s Commerce City be ready for construction?

Santiago, Chile’s second largest city, has a long way to go before its downtown can begin to transform into a thriving metropolis.

It’s only the second largest metropolitan area in South America, but the city’s capital has been in disrepair since the 1980s.

As of 2018, Santiago’s public works department estimated it would take about a decade for the city to complete its transformation into a modern city center.

And with only $300 million available for the project, many Santiago residents are calling for a more ambitious plan to transform the city.

The city’s government is currently working on a 10-year plan to rebuild Santiago’s downtown.

The plan aims to create a modern and sustainable downtown with an economic and cultural center that will allow for the creation of jobs and growth.

But while Santiago is planning to have a modern downtown by the 2030s, it will take another five years for the projects to complete and the city will need to spend a lot more money to transform its downtown.

In an interview with the Santiago Times, Mayor Alberto Zamparetti said he believes the city can complete the transformation in less than five years.

Santiago’s city planning department is currently in the process of completing a feasibility study on the 10-20-30-40 plan.

Zampandini said the project is expected to take a year to complete.

The project includes a number of measures, such as the construction of a new highway from Caracas to Santiago.

The highway would help facilitate the passage of goods from Caracol to the downtown and also allow for a new pedestrian bridge.

The plan will also create a large park, an indoor swimming pool and an indoor tennis court.

Zampa said the new pedestrian area will be open during construction.

“The park will also provide a public space for the public to enjoy and relax,” he said.

Zampa said that the new park will help attract tourists, which will allow the city the opportunity to attract new businesses and new residents to the city.

“The government will also invest in the rehabilitation of the downtown to be able to provide for a modern public space,” he added.

But some Santiago residents have already started to criticize the plan.

Santiago residents said the city should focus on the improvements that need to be made in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The majority of Santiago’s residents live in the neighborhood of Plaza de la Luna, a neighborhood with a large number of businesses.

According to Santiago residents, there are no public parks in Plaza de La Luna, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the area and to get to know the neighborhood.

Santiago also lacks a park with a proper path, said Santiago resident Cristian González.

“We want to go back to a place where we can enjoy a nice environment and a safe environment,” Gonzáles said.