Realize online business About What you need to know about the new Walmart and Sears at Commerce Park

What you need to know about the new Walmart and Sears at Commerce Park

With its new retail stores opening, Walmart and the Sears at the Commerce Park complex have just opened its second outlet at the site.

The Commerce Park shopping complex, the largest shopping center in the Midwest, was built on the former site of the former Sears at 16th and Commerce streets.

Walmart is opening the two new outlets on its first day of operation.

The new stores will open this week, and will be available in stores in the mall.

The stores are located at 1701 W. Commerce St., and will also have a Sears location.

A Sears store at Commerce in the middle of the mall is currently open.

In a statement, Walmart said the stores are part of Walmart’s effort to “deliver more of the goods and services consumers expect and deserve.”

The retail outlet, called the Walmart and Walgreens, is one of the new locations.

It is a large and convenient location in the heart of the shopping center.

The outlet will have 50,000 square feet of retail space, with the same number of seats as Sears.

It will have two levels of merchandise and a full-service restaurant.

Walmart said that it will serve food, beverage, home appliances and household goods.

Walmart announced in February that it was buying the Sears chain for $7.6 billion, the second-largest private sale in U.S. history.

The deal is part of a broader strategy to expand into new categories of retail stores.

Walmart and other major retailers including Macy’s and Target have also announced plans to expand their presence in new locations in new markets, as part of their strategy to compete with Amazon.

The new Sears store is the second Sears store in the shopping complex.

A third Sears store was built in 2008.