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What to know about Starbuds’ upcoming drone delivery service

By The Associated PressPublished June 25, 2018 10:04:52With Starbud’s first drone delivery, the retailer hopes to help the millions of customers who rely on drones for delivery.

The company is testing a service that will be available in more than 100 cities in the U.S. and in China.

Starbudding is not affiliated with Amazon, but says it wants to give customers a choice.

“We want to be the company that makes this a reality,” said Mike Hoey, Starbuddys vice president of business development.

Hoey said the drone delivery could also help the company grow in other ways.

Starbuds will be able to tap into Amazon’s network of delivery centers to help them set up a secure drone delivery route.

The drones will be tethered to a trailer and flown by the company’s drone delivery team, which will use video surveillance to ensure the drone is flying safely.

The company says the service will be free for customers and will begin on the second Saturday of each month in the month of June.

Customers will be charged $30 to use the service, which also includes shipping and insurance.

The price will drop to $15 if the company can secure a drone to deliver the order.

Hence, it’s not surprising Starbuddy’s CEO is a bit skeptical about the drone market.

“I’m not optimistic about it,” Hoeys said.

“I’m still skeptical about it, because it’s just really difficult to get a reliable delivery and you have to be in a city where it’s legal.”

Hoeys pointed to a number of reasons why drones are difficult to deliver: It’s difficult to build and maintain, the cost is high, there’s a lack of space and the delivery method can be unreliable.

Starbuck said it has been testing its drone delivery system in New York City for the past year.

The startup has also tested its system in Los Angeles, and plans to use drones in a number on the coasts.

In the meantime, Hoeey said the company is making changes in its delivery service.

It’s also exploring other options to help it grow.

He declined to elaborate on what those could be.

Starbucks has been working with drone delivery company Parrot to deliver drinks and other goods in San Francisco.

Starbuck’s plan is to roll out a service in San Jose this summer.

The Seattle-based coffee company is also exploring its own drone delivery solution.

“If you have a big enough market, it makes sense to go for it,” said Hoeies father, Mike Höehne.

“You’ve got to have the capital.”