Realize online business About ‘Tanger outlets’ are selling ‘tanger’ merchandise on Facebook

‘Tanger outlets’ are selling ‘tanger’ merchandise on Facebook

Tanger outlets, which operate from Malaysia’s largest city, have been selling Tanger themed merchandise on the social networking site, according to the online marketplace.

The online retailer said the merchandise, which includes merchandise from the iconic Indonesian band Tanger, will be available from November 23, 2018.

“Tanger outlet sells items which are mainly tanger-themed items such as Tanger tee, Tanger shirt, Tangie shirt, and other tanger related items,” the site said.

“The Tanger outlet has a special focus on the brand Tanger and the products they have been offering over the years.”

It added that the merchandise will be sold through the Tanger stores in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Last week, a local news outlet reported that the online retailer, which also sells traditional Indonesian and Thai goods, had started selling items from the band on its Facebook page.