Realize online business About How to stop ‘the worst possible thing’ if Obamacare collapses

How to stop ‘the worst possible thing’ if Obamacare collapses

How to fix Obamacare if it implodes.

A House Republican leadership aide is calling for lawmakers to “stop the worst possible, worst possible scenario” if Obamacare is imploding.

“We need to stop the worst-case scenario,” said House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

“If the law goes down, the president has to make the choice.

He’s the commander in chief.

He needs to make that decision.

If the law collapses, that is a very difficult decision for him.”

Hoyer was referring to the possibility of a government shutdown, which the White House has said it is “highly unlikely” it will see this year.

That is a departure from the usual rhetoric on the Hill that the White Congress will make a “timely decision” on whether to shut down the government over a budget dispute, and President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to not negotiate with Democrats over the matter.

On Thursday, the Trump administration was caught off guard when it received a request from Democrats to delay a shutdown deadline by two days.

But Republicans were quick to respond by telling reporters that the Democrats “just want to keep the government open and open the government, and that’s not going to happen.”

The White House said on Friday that the Trump White House will be meeting next week to discuss the shutdown, with no date set for a meeting yet.

“There is nothing to stop Congress from making the decision on what they want to do next,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Friday.

“The president will be making a decision when he has made that decision.”

Republicans have been quick to point to the White President’s frequent tweets, calling him “America’s president” and saying the shutdown is “a direct result of the President’s unwillingness to negotiate.”

Democrats have countered that Republicans are “playing politics” with the shutdown and saying that Democrats are attempting to “shut down the American people’s access to healthcare.”

The Senate has voted to allow insurers to continue selling ACA coverage for another 30 days.

The Trump administration has repeatedly called the shutdown a result of President Donald J. Trump’s refusal to negotiate over funding for the law.

But the White Senate has also said that the president’s decision to hold a vote over a funding issue could have a “catastrophic” impact on the law’s coverage and premiums.

“Congress has repeatedly refused to fund the healthcare law.

This week’s funding lapse means the US government will run out of money by the end of March,” the Whitehouse said in a statement on Friday afternoon.

“Congress has not even started its funding discussions yet.

The President will not negotiate, and it is clear that the American public is not willing to give up their health insurance to fund this law.”

On Friday, Sanders said the WhiteHouse “does not expect the President to negotiate and it would be irresponsible of us to negotiate in the face of a shutdown.”

“If the President decides to hold off on the deadline, the Congress will have the power to make a decision as to whether or not the US goes into default,” she said.

“And if that is the case, the President has no choice but to hold the deadline.

The president has the ability to make those decisions and we do not expect him to negotiate because it would undermine our ability to deliver on his promises.”