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How to pay for funeral home bills in Florida

An anonymous customer in Florida is struggling to pay funeral home bill after being told that he or she can’t pay bills online.

News outlets have reported that thousands of people in Florida have been denied their funeral homes because they cannot pay bills by telephone.

Some bills can be made out to a bank account but it takes a while for the money to be deposited into the account.

Some people in Broward County, where Orlando is located, have received the bills but they can’t make them out.

They are still waiting to hear from funeral home owner Charles M. Kuehn.

The bank, which is not identified, said the bill is due Feb. 17, but said it is in the process of processing it.

Kuehn said that the bills were due Jan. 28.

If they do not get deposited in his account by then, they will be returned.

Kewaunee County coroner Dr. Kevin Hargrove said the funeral home owes more than $1,000 in funeral and burial fees.

Hargroves said the deceased were cremated and were buried in a cemetery, but that the cemetery is a non-functioning facility.

He said that his office has received hundreds of bills from the funeral homes and funeral homes in other counties, but has yet to get a single payment.

Kuhn said that he has not received any payments from the county.

He said the bank has not paid any bills to funeral homes that were unable to pay their bills.

Harrick County coroner and funeral home director Dr. Joseph W. DeRosa said he has been trying to reach funeral home owners and their bills are still not processed.

DeRosa did not know why funeral homes have not been able to make payments.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Scott M. O’Neill said the county does not have any data on the number of people who have been turned away from funeral homes for not paying bills.

Kahler County coroner Sgt. Mike O’Connor said he is not sure how many funeral homes are turned away because of their inability to pay bills.

O’Connor also said that funeral homes should be able to charge funeral home fees but he said it’s not fair for the funeral and burials.