Realize online business Question How to get a $50,000 credit card bonus in just 15 minutes

How to get a $50,000 credit card bonus in just 15 minutes

With so many retailers vying for shoppers with new products, it’s easy to forget how easy it can be to get one of those credit cards.

Here’s how to use the card offer on some of the most popular online merchants.

What you need to know about the Chase Chase Ultimate Rewards card: 1.

The Chase Ultimate Reward is a direct debit card.

It has no minimum spend requirement and no minimum annual fee.


The card earns 1% cash back on purchases of $100 or more, and it’s good for up to 3 years.

The rewards offer can be used for online purchases or in-store purchases.


There’s a $25 sign-up bonus if you spend $50 on a purchase within 30 days of card activation.


You can earn 2% cashback on all purchases with a minimum spend of $500 within 30 months.


If you use the offer and redeem it within 30-days of card payment, you’ll get a 10% cash rebate.


You’re eligible for a $5 gift card for the first 12 months.

You’ll get another 10% for the next year, after which you’ll receive an additional $5 for each additional $10 in purchases made within that time frame.


The bonus will be applied to your next balance, up to a maximum of $5,000 in the first year.


If your balance is over $5.000, you can earn an additional 5% cash-back on your next $5 purchases.

You get an additional 10% after that.


You don’t need to open an account with the Chase Ultimate Credit Card to get the bonus.

The offer is valid for one year.

How to use it:1.

Visit your Chase Ultimate Bank account page on the site.2.

Choose your rewards card(s) and redeem the offer.

You won’t have to pay anything.

3: Click the “Redeem” link on the top right of your screen.

If you have an existing Chase Ultimate Checking account, you must activate the card before you can use the sign-in offer.