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How to find the best Cisco commerce city in Mexico

As part of the CES 2017, Cisco is launching the first ever Cisco Commerce Park in Mexico City.

The new center is designed to cater to the needs of Cisco’s customers in the country.

Here are the top ten business and technology hubs in Mexico:1.

CCC-TEXC – Cisco Commerce Center in Tijuana1.

ICTP-ITC – The Cisco Innovation Center in Mexico2.

ITTC – Information Technology Center in Tecate3.

CISCO-CID – CISCO’s Innovation Center4.

ITTEX – Cisco IT Center in Jalisco5.

Cisco-TELUS – Cisco Telus in Mexico6.

Cisco+IT – Cisco+ IT Center7.

Cisco Tech Center in Monterrey8.

CICC – CICCO Center in Ciudad Juarez9.

ITUC – ITUC Center in San Juan10.

CEI-ITEC – Cisco’s Innovation and Technology Center1.

CISC-TECC – Information and Communications Technology Center at Cisco Tecate2.

CISCOM-IT – Information Communications and Technology Centre at Cisco Tijuana3.

CIE – Cisco Internet Engineering Centre in Ciudes Negras4.

CIS-TEM – Cisco Tecatex Technology Center for Emerging Technologies in Tenerife5.

CISEC – CISEC Center in Chihuahua6.

CISCC – Cisco Campus Center in Puebla7.

CISUC – Cisco University of the Americas in Tecatlan8.

CISCE – Cisco Centro Comercio Tecate in Tecates Negras9.

CISSC – Cisco Center for Information Security at CIE9.

CIRCE – CISCE Center in La Paz10.

CISM – CISM Center in Oaxaca