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An elementary school has warned parents that children are being asked to donate food to children who are being taken from their families and placed in care.

Key points:Auckland mother says she was told to “be careful” by the school’s head teacherAn Auckland school has told parents that “children are being forced into care” because they can’t afford to buy foodAn Auckland woman says the school told her she should be careful about giving food to her children”They are telling us, ‘don’t do anything to the children.

If you don’t give them food, you will be sent back to your home’.

They said ‘you’re the one who needs to pay for the food’.

I said, ‘I don’t need to pay, I’ve got enough food for my kids’.

They were saying ‘no, you need to go to the supermarket.

There are lots of food stores here’.”

They told me, ‘we are going to send you a letter.

We will tell you where the food is and you will have to pay $10 for the last box’.

I couldn’t believe it.

The school is telling us what we can do.

They were telling us that I should go and go buy food for the children and I have to send it back to the family.

It’s heartbreaking.

It breaks my heart.

“Auckland school head teacher told parents she was sending children back to their familiesThe mother who was forced to send her children to Auckland’s elementary school to find out where their food was, says the children were being asked by the head teacher to donate it to their children.”

They were told to be careful and be careful of the children’s welfare, not to touch them,” the mother said.

The Auckland School of Education (ASE) said on its Facebook page that its head teacher was in the process of sending a letter to parents explaining the situation.”

The letter will explain what is happening to the students and how they will be receiving support in order to ensure they are able to return to their schools,” the post said.”

In addition, parents will also be given a detailed outline of what will happen in the coming weeks.

“The head teacher is understood to have told the mother that she was “not going to do anything illegal” because her children had been placed in foster care.”

I was scared.

I was worried for them and they were worried for me,” the woman said.

She said she was initially reluctant to hand over her two daughters to the school but her daughter’s mother said she had “every intention” of donating food.”

It’s not just the money.

I’ve been going to the grocery store, I’m a mother and I need to get food for her.

She needs to be able to go and buy food, she’s not going to be put in care.”‘

It’s heartbreaking’The head of Auckland School Of Education, Joanne Fennell, said she did not know why children were “being forced to donate” their food.

Ms Fennel said the school was doing its best to support parents who wanted to donate.”

We are working closely with our parents to ensure that they can safely do that,” she said.

Ms Rafferty said she would continue to give food to the kids.”

When I was younger, I would put food on my children’s plate and I didn’t think it was a big deal.

Now I am not sure what I would do if they were in my home,” she explained.”

My kids are not going hungry, they are not hungry.

It is heartbreaking.

There is a big difference between what I have been taught as a child and what I see in the news.

“If it wasn’t for the schools, we wouldn’t have a family.

I wouldn’t be able not to be here.”

These children are at the mercy of the system.

“The ASE said it had received over 400 complaints from concerned parents and had been approached by more than 150 concerned people.

Auckland School Of Teachers chief executive Mark O’Keefe said the ASE had received a total of 12 complaints from parents and that the district had made changes to the way it operated and procedures for food donations.”

Our food system is a good system and it is an excellent way to distribute food.

The food bank is a wonderful thing,” he said.